Yes, the rumours are true...

Goodbye Tirtyl, Hello Skipper

We've changed names to help us move towards our vision of making zero-waste easy and accessible to all.

Watch the announcement from our Founders


So why the change?

Thanks for asking! Well if you saw a few familiar faces in the video above, that’s because we’re still the very same team, with the same ambitious mission and optimistic vision for our future.

Our vision is to make zero-waste easy and accessible for all. Not just in Australia, but globally.

As Tirtyl, we had come so far, but being honest with ourselves - our name had us playing a game of verbal Twister, leaving people scratching their heads on how to spell it or even say it. Hats off to everyone who got it first go.

As a consumer-brand with global ambitions, a difficult name is not a great start. So to further expand our impact as we grow locally and abroad, we made the huge decision to change names, and take the opportunity to refine the look of our products and brand based on customer and market feedback.

What does this mean for Tirtyl customers?

We announced to existing Tirtyl customers our exclusive transition offer — where if you buy refills for any Skipper product, you get the dispensers and tins for free.

This is so you don't need to pay for new tins & dispensers as a result of our changes. Claiming this deal is optional, as Skipper refills are compatible with Tirtyl dispensers. The exception is the laundry sheets, where Skipper sheets are larger and will not fit in Tirtyl tins.

The transition offer is available to Tirtyl customers only and requires a login to confirm your eligibility.

Why the name Skipper?

A Skipper is the captain of a boat; the one leading the journey. The name also represents our vision — for us, our community and the planet. Let us tell you more…

Why Skipper? Why Skipper? Why Skipper? Why Skipper? Why Skipper? Why Skipper? Why Skipper? Why Skipper? Why Skipper? Why Skipper? Why Skipper? Why Skipper? Why Skipper? Why Skipper? Why Skipper?

Skipper by name, Skipper by nature

We want to empower you to be a leader; the captain or Skipper of your own zero-waste journey. In turn, leading others to turn their everyday habits into a force for good, too.

We help you ‘skip’ the waste

Say no more, Skipper.

Connection to the ocean

We chose ‘Skipper’ to keep the ocean connection in our name. We liked that Tirtyl referenced our ‘why’ and we wanted to do the same with our new name.

Leading the transition to just-add-water

As Skippers, we're leading the transition to just-add-water. Locally in Australia, and abroad in the United States too.

Let’s face it, it’s easy to spell

Tirtyl was hard to pronounce and spell. When it comes to brand recall, you need a name people will easily recall and remember.


Curious to learn more?

Head to our About Us page to learn more about the Skipper way, our vision and our people.