How Often Should We Wash Our Bed Sheets?

by Skipper Team

Here’s something to think about: Assuming we get in our eight hours of sleep, we spend around a third of our day (and, therefore, our lives) in bed. With all that time under the covers, it’s pretty important we keep our bed sheets clean. For hygiene reasons, sure, but also because diving into clean bedding feels like being hugged by a cloud. You might be wondering how to keep bed sheets smelling fresh, how often should bed sheets be washed, or the best way to wash bed sheets. If these questions keep you up at night, rest easy and scroll on - we’re going to explore all of the above and more.


Washing Bed Sheets: Why Make It Routine

Over time, our bedding collects sweat, body oils, dust mites, and other nasties that you really don’t want to be cozying up to. Routinely washing bed sheets helps prevent these unwelcome roommates from accumulating and, in doing so, promotes healthy well-being. Regular TLC keeps your bed sheets looking like new, too. That means you’ll likely be lashing out for new linens less often. 

Our final argument as to why you should give those sheets a scrub? Because, after a long day, you deserve to enjoy sinking into gloriously fresh, tranquil-smelling bedding. After all, keeping our sleeping spaces serene is an act of self-care. 

How Often Should You Wash Your Bed Sheets

It's generally recommended that you wash your sheets every one to two weeks. Finding a frequency that fits your household will depend on lifestyle factors. Do you share your bed with any four-legged friends? Do you tend to sweat a lot, or do you live in a humid location? Are you particularly sensitive to dust or other pollutants? These are a few things to consider when exploring a routine that works for you.

Here at Skipper, we help create simple, sustainable everyday habits that lighten your cleaning load and environmental footprint. We’re all about attacking those household chores smarter, not harder. So, why not weave washing bed sheets into elements of life that are already routine? Weekly call with mum - wash your sheets. Just got paid - wash your sheets. A new episode of your favourite podcast just dropped… you get the idea.


How To Wash Bed Sheets 


  1. 1. Locate the bed sheet washing instructions tag

    It will outline the manufacturer’s care recommendations, including the suggested bed sheets washing temperature. This will differ depending on the material makeup of your bedding.


    2. Seperate whites from darks

    Wash your white and coloured bedding separately to protect the colour of your sheets. Can you wash bed sheets with clothes? Well, there’s no blanket rule here (pardon the pun). We recommend reviewing the laundry care tag on your clothes before throwing them in with your sheets.


    3. Throw them in

    Place your sheets in the washing machine, shaking them a little to ensure they aren’t knotted up.


  1. 4. Pop in a Laundry Sheet

    Use a people and planet-safe detergent like Skipper Laundry Sheets. Your loyal laundry BFF, these clever detergent sheets are designed to dissolve like magic in hot or cold water. They’re vegan, available in scented or unscented options, and include added enzymes for improved stain performance.


  1. 5. Skip the dryer

    Once your sheets are spic and span, save energy by bypassing the dryer and instead hanging them in the sun.


Catch Some Z’s In Cozy, Comfy, Clean Bed Sheets

Clean sheets are step one in creating a dreamy sleep destination. So pop a recurring reminder in the calendar and enjoy hitting the hay on blissfully fresh bedding. Click HERE to explore our Skipper Laundry Sheets Starter Kit and browse through hundreds of five-star reviews. Curious about the difference between laundry sheets, liquid, and powder detergent options? Learn more on the Skipper blog HERE.

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