Toilet Blocks: The Eco-Friendly Trick To Keeping Your Toilet Cleaner

by Skipper Team

Let’s talk about the unsung hero of our homes: the humble toilet. While getting the toilet bowl cleaner isn’t anyone’s favourite task, who can deny the positive impact of a tidy toot? A little extra TLC can elevate any restroom from festival funky to everyday luxury. 

That’s why when we landed on the perfect toilet block cleaner formulation, there was no going back. Easy, inexpensive, and eco-friendly, they’re the smarter way to ensure your loo is always ready for unannounced company. 

But enough banter; let’s get to the bottom of why we are obsessed with Skipper toilet blocks. We’ll try to keep the potty puns to a minimum, promise.


Why Toilet Blocks Make The Best Toilet Cleaner

Toilet blocks contain a powerhouse of concentrated cleaning agents, condensed into a handy dandy compact tab that fits within the palm of your hand. Simply drop into your toilet’s cistern and the bowl will get a glow-up every time you flush. The Robin to your Batman, they are the ultimate cleaning side kick, packing a punch (while you get all the credit).

The best part? Skipper toilet blocks boast some pretty incredible innovations you won’t find on supermarket shelves. They last longer, contain no nasty chemicals, come in zero-waste packaging, and are more affordable, too!

Toilet Blocks Keep Your Toilet Cleaner For Longer

You may have seen single-use tablets made to clean the bowl once a week. While these emit a nice smell and dramatic fizz, they don’t maintain a healthy loo between uses because all the cleaning agents are flushed away. 

However, our toilet blocks are designed to freshen continuously with every flush for about three weeks. Less cleaning, less mental load, and less restocking—we’re feeling more relaxed already.


One Pack = One Year Of Toilet Blocks

Having a lush loo shouldn’t be a luxury, so let’s talk numbers.

Add our 18-pack of toilet blocks to cart, and you’re looking at an investment of only $1.78 per block. With each forecast to last three weeks, you’re all set for a year!
Also, we offer free shipping on all refill orders - you're welcome.

The Best Toilet Cleaners Are Kinder To The Planet And Your Loo Too

When it comes to similar products, all of the supermarket brands we’re aware of use chlorine bleach. Not only does this make them unfriendly to septic systems and waterways, but these harsh chemicals can slowly erode rubber fixtures creating leaks in your loo.

Our toilet blocks on the other hand are made with considered and eco-conscious ingredients. No nasties that may corrode your fixtures here! They’re even enviro-septic system friendly. 

Plus, you know that bright blue colourant you see in conventional blocks? It can actually stain your toilet (and your hands). It might look impressive, but this hue isn’t doing any heavy lifting. It simply exists to let you know when it’s time to pop a new toilet block in. So we’ve reduced our colourant by 90% to ensure it doesn’t stain the bowl.

Washing Up The Zero-Waste Way

No more unnecessary plastic or ghastly clip brackets. Cleaning our homes by cluttering our planet has never made sense to us, so our toilet blocks are completely zero-waste. Yep, even the wrappers are biodegradable, so there’s no need to remove them.


How To Keep Your Toilet Cleaner Using Skipper Toilet Blocks

As easy as one, two, three…


1. Drop In A Toilet Block

For the longest-lasting results, make sure to pop it inside your toilet’s cistern on the opposite side of the inlet. Keep the wrapper on, too; it's biodegradable.


2. Scrub The Toilet Occasionally 

While our toilet blocks are pretty impressive, they haven’t mastered the art of wielding a toilet brush... yet. But, with their support, this occasional scrub should be low-maintenance (not a full-body workout).


3. No Blue, New Block

When your flushes stop flowing blue, it’s time to pop a new block in.


Ready To Give Your Loo Some Love?

Less dread-inducing cleaning, more delightfully simple solutions that harmoniously form everyday habits. That’s what we’re all about. Sound good? Jump aboard! Click HERE to shop the Toilet Block Starter kit (including our super chic and aesthetic storage tin).

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