Low Fuss, High Quality: The Future Of Facial Cleanser

by Skipper Team

These days, a short stroll down the skincare aisle is enough to break you into a sweat. If the sheer quantity of options doesn’t overwhelm you, the price tags and plastic sure will.

Here’s the truth: skincare isn’t just for the feminine or financially flush. You don’t need a 20-step regime, and you certainly don’t need to fill your bathroom shelves with single-use plastic in pursuit of clean skin. A simple skincare routine is an important act of everyday self-care for everybody.

A good facial cleanser that doesn't cost the world - is that too much to ask? We don’t think so. That’s why we created Skipper Face Wash.


Skipper’s World-First Just-Add-Water Foaming Facial Cleanser

Yep, we’ve applied our innovative just-add-water approach to face wash. It’s Australian-made, eco-friendly, and packed with high-quality ingredients. Most importantly, it feels incredible to use, leaving your face feeling clean and hydrated. 

It’s affordable, too. When you’re used to paying $30-$40 a bottle, our cleanser comes in at a refreshing $7 per refill. Thanks to our just-add-water approach, you’re only paying for the good stuff rather than excess packaging, freight to transport bulky bottles, or a star-studded marketing strategy.

Meet the new Skipper Face Wash. But first, back to basics: What is a facial cleanser?


What Is A Facial Cleanser?

The ultimate multitasker, facial cleanser lifts and evicts impurities (think dust, makeup, oils and sweat) while also helping hydrate your skin. Generally step #1 in your skincare routine, cleanser provides a fresh base for other products to follow.

Skipper Facial Cleanser: The Captain Of Your Skincare Routine

Our foaming facial cleanser has a beautifully gentle texture and a subtle kakadu plum, jojoba, and aloe fragrance. But don’t mistake its lightness for weakness. This foaming cleanser is impressively effective in getting the job done. It deep cleans the skin and actively lifts impurities with ease without leaving your face feeling tight or dry. Sail through a sea of 5-star reviews here.


Foaming Facial Cleanser Made For All Skin Types

Wondering how to know your skin type? Generally, it will fall into one of six categories: dry, oily, combination (dry in some areas, oily in others), sensitive (highly reactive to environmental factors), or normal (also known as ‘balanced’).

Your skin type may also change based on the environment or climate. For the sake of your budget and bench space, it was important to us that our face wash be suitable for all cleanser users in your household all year round.

Whether you’re looking for a facial cleanser for sensitive skin, normal skin, or something in between, our product pros have created this recipe combo to leave your face feeling its best every day.


Made With High-Quality Ingredients

Pop on your lab coats, folks, and let’s talk formulation. Our high-quality face wash includes all the fancy ingredients you’re used to (just without the fancy price tag).

First, our cleaning heroes, Sodium Alpha Olefin Sulfonate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, and Salicylic Acid lift and remove impurities. Vitamin E and kakadu plum offer antioxidants, while a combination of hydrating ingredients, including Jojoba Seed oil, Vitamin B3, Hyaluronic Acid, Provitamin B5, and good ol’ Aloe Vera, work to protect the skin and leave it feeling smooth thanks to their moisture-retaining properties.

Discover the complete list of Skipper Face Wash ingredients here.

The Best Facial Cleanser Is Eco-Friendly Too

Clean skin, clean homes, clean planet, clean conscience - that’s what we’re all about. In Skipper Face Wash, you won’t find any nasty chemicals that may harm our waterways. You’ll also only need to purchase a bottle once, reusing it each time you replenish with our refills, which are packaged in 100% home-compostable wrapping (cya single-use plastics!) Being water-free makes these concentrated, compact refills teeny-tiny and super lightweight, meaning less bulky packaging and freight-related carbon emissions.

When To Use Facial Cleanser?

Use Skipper Face Wash as step #1 in your skincare routine, morning and night. There’s nothing like a few minutes of self-care to bookend a busy day.


How To Use Facial Cleanser?

  1. To activate your Skipper Face Wash, simply fill the dispenser to the fill line with hot water, drop in a tab, leave for one hour to dissolve, and shake before first use. 
  2. Pump 1-2 pumps onto your hands and massage into your face.
  3. Rinse using water. If wearing heavier makeup, pair with a reusable makeup-removing wipe.

Uncomplicated Clean Skin, The Skipper Way

Click HERE to explore and shop Skipper Face Wash single kits, including our velvety-matte finish dispenser and chic storage tin. You can also try our mini sampler kit HERE.

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