5 reasons why EVERYONE is changing to foaming hand soap

by Tirtyl Team

The COVID-19 pandemic has people washing their hands more than ever before, but not all soaps are created equal. Small changes in soap choice can have a big impact on your wallet, your health and your environmental footprint.

Foaming hand soap is a relatively new phenomenon but it has quickly gained popularity in domestic and industrial settings. But why is this?

#1 More bang for your buck

When formulating our hand soaps, the Tirtyl team were shocked to find that 250ml of our soap lasted 450 pumps compared to 125 pumps from our liquid hand soap sample. At less than $2 per Tirtyl Tab, that’s a whole lot of value!

#2 Less water used

A 2009 study found that people used 16% less water when washing with foaming hand soap compared to liquid soap. When hands were not wet prior to lathering, the saving was 45%.

#3 Less plastic and packaging waste

The majority of liquid hand soap is consumed in single-use plastic dispensers. With more washes per bottle, foaming hand soap requires less plastic packaging per wash. The benefit is compounded when using Tirtyl’s refillable glass dispensers and powerful Tirtyl Tabs. In partnership with Plastic Bank, we also pick up a bottle of plastic from the ocean with each tablet purchase!

#4 Faster biodegradability

Foaming soaps typically biodegrade faster than traditional soaps, partly due to the forced air that causes natural lathering. As a result, less soap ends up down the drain which is better for our environment. Rest easy though, our Tirtyl Soaps are fully biodegradable.

#5 It feels amazing so people are more likely to use it

Ever seen someone leave a toilet without washing their hands?

In the United States & Australia, consumers prefer foaming hand soap over liquid hand soap. Some people consider it more luxurious, others prefer the lather and most kids simply love the magic. Either way, the more people enjoy the product, the more likely they are to use it which theoretically increases hand washing compliance rates!

More studies are required to confirm this hypothesis, but consider this, there’s a reason most airport toilets now use foaming hand soap!

Important note featuring your favourite music

Because foaming hand soap is easier to lather, some people fall short of the recommended 20-seconds for a thorough wash. A handy tip from the Tirtyl team is to always sing your favourite 20-second song to wash away all those germs and grime. In-fact, if you'd like to convert a personal favorite song into a hand-washing accompaniment, try our favourite hand-washing lyrics generator!

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