Eco-Friendly Living: How to Live a More Sustainable Life in 2023

by Tirtyl Team

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the doom-and-gloom stories that are portrayed in the media daily about the state of the world and the ecological disaster that humanity has created? Does it make you feel panicked and stressed that you aren’t doing enough for the planet?

Well, sustainable living is all about doing little things every day, so you can protect the environment and be green but not miss out on living a normal, fulfilling life. Are you interested in learning more about these sustainable living ideas? Keep reading our eco-friendly living tips below to find out more.

Sustainable Living Ideas for 2023

1. Opt For Eco-Friendly Furniture

A big part of living sustainably is all about bringing it into all aspects of your life, and a significant part of that would be the furnishings and other items that make up your home. So if you are planning to move to a new place and need to furnish it, or you are planning to buy some new furnishings for your old place, consider eco-friendly furniture first.

There are many furniture stores out there that want to support your quest to living sustainably. They make their furniture out of materials like hemp, bamboo, and other such items that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

For example, some bamboo species can grow 1.5 inches an hour (2.91 feet per day). When manufacturers build furniture out of such bamboo, they don’t have to worry about cutting down old-growth forests or trees that had been standing for hundreds of years beforehand.

2. Buy Second-Hand

A better way to live sustainably is to avoid buying new items and going second-hand every single time.

Purchase these second-hand, barely used items from folks who are trying to create space in their homes or make some extra cash. Many of these items on Craigslist or other second-hand stores (both offline and online) have been used maybe once or twice, and some have NEVER been used before.

So it’s almost the same as buying new, but you get the item for a discount, and you get to support a fellow city dweller by purchasing the item from them. You also ensure that the item doesn’t end up in the landfill. It’s the ultimate in eco-friendly living because you aren’t using any additional resources in this purchase.

3. Buy Local

Another great addition to your sustainable living ideas list is to start buying local as much as possible. You have probably never considered how much fuel and resources it takes for an item to be shipped to you from China or elsewhere beyond the ocean.

It’s so easy nowadays to click ‘buy’ on a website and have it in your home in a few days. But you can go green by choosing to buy local every single time. That is, choose to buy from local farmers or manufacturers using local ingredients.

4. Choose Renewable Energy

This is another big one that a lot of Australians and folks all around the world are enthusiastically adding to their lives. Either you could install solar panels on your home, or you could support local vendors using wind or solar power to conduct business. It will take a bit to start with this sustainable living idea, but it pays big dividends once you get going with it.

5. Cut Down on Energy Consumption

It’s important to reduce energy consumption by turning off lights whenever you aren’t using them and lowering your thermostat when you are not at home by using smart thermostats and LED bulbs that use less electricity. It might seem like these little things won’t matter in the long run, but every step you take towards living sustainably is essential and necessary.

6. Plant a Garden, Eat Less Meat

Many folks have started using their backyards as more than just a haven away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. They have started planting vegetables there, so they can rely less upon the grocery stores in their neighbourhood and become more sustainable at the same time.

Also, if you can switch up some of your meat meals with lentils, kidney beans, or other meatless options, that’s a great way to protect the environment as well (since animal farming is an ecological nightmare).

7. Reduce, Reuse, Reinvent

Start thinking creatively about how you can use the various items in your home. Think twice before throwing something into the garbage. Recycle as much as you can, and if possible, build a compost pit in your backyard so you can compost all your organic waste.

8. Practise Green Cleaning

You must have seen eco-friendly cleaning products when you went grocery shopping last. That’s another great way to start living more sustainably in your daily life. Every time you use these eco-friendly products to clean your home, you are also ensuring that harsh toxic chemicals don’t wash away into the ocean or rivers near you.

9. Consider Eco-Friendly Hygiene Products

Also, don’t forget that you can switch out your hygiene products with eco-friendly ones as well. How about using natural eco-friendly foaming hand soap? Use this instead of the toxic, harsh one you have sitting in your bathroom.

Or use eco-friendly soap to wash your body made with local, natural ingredients. We have an eco-friendly body wash available for sale in our online store.

10. Support Ethical Brands

Finally, the last tip in our list of how to live sustainably has to do with supporting manufacturers, farmers, and other organisations who are supporting ethical, sustainable living. Buy from them and introduce these ethical brands to your friends.


Sustainable Living Starts With Each Tiny Step You Take

Eco-friendly living isn’t about the large life-changing gestures you might take but about the small baby steps. Change every aspect of your life slowly over time. Soon enough, you will see that you are living sustainably in a way that is an example to everyone around you.

Let us help you in your sustainable living quest. We have many eco-friendly products for sale that can help go green.

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