Why 'Just-Add-Water' is the Future of Eco-Friendly Cleaning

by Skipper Team

Ready for some trivia? Household products like surface cleaners, liquid hand washes and liquid laundry detergents often contain up to 95% water. It really makes you wonder…why?

Why fill our pantries and shopping trolley with H2O when we have water flowing from the tap home?

It’s no wonder just-add-water eco-cleaning products are making a splash across kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries here in Australia and abroad, with options even popping up in the major supermarkets (hi Coles and Woolies). So it’s fair to say, just-add-water is here to stay.

Here at Skipper, we’ve been innovating in the just-add-water space since 2020 and since then, over 280,000  homes globally, have made the sea change to our sustainable cleaning products. You could say we know our stuff (or should we say…suds).

When you purchase refillable cleaning products, like those we make here at Skipper, you’re only purchasing the active, concentrated ingredients (and the dispensers if it’s your first time). Then, as you may have guessed, just add water! The just-add-water concept can be applied across so many things we consume, and we are continuing to innovate and expand our range to include even more products over time.

Let’s dive in and explore just why the just-add-water revolution is becoming the norm.


Ever curious and creative, our team has taken conventional household consumables and condensed them into a convenient product that fits in the palm of your hand. This means you can fit a year’s worth of product in one small tin - keeping those cupboards cohesive, compact, and in ship-shape condition. Minimise the mental load of frequent restocking and stroll past the cleaning aisle knowing you won’t be trudging any bulky bottles home. Talk about a #LifeHack.


Better For The Planet (And Your Wallet)


Our zero-waste cleaning products are small in scale and super lightweight, reducing the volume and weight of the product by as much as 98% compared to similar offerings. These mini-but-mighty refills minimise single-use plastic packaging waste and transport-related carbon emissions. Even better, you as the customer are not paying for the extra freight or packaging costs. Win, win!

Our refills are priced competitively to supermarket brands, making it even easier to make the switch. And as luxurious as they look, our dispensers and tins are super affordable too. We even offer free shipping on all refills-only orders, and discount tiers when you order your refills in bulk. Who said you couldn't shop sustainably and save?


No Harsh Ingredients


As you’ve probably guessed, we really don’t like unnecessary packaging, but of course, it’s what’s inside that counts too. At Skipper, all of our products have been formulated with your safety and environmental impact in mind. You can count on us to just include the good stuff and avoid any nasties that may be harmful to our bodies or waterways. Discover our ingredients in detail here.


Aesthetically Pleasing (And Oddly Satisfying)


We’re not vain, but we appreciate beauty when we see it. Our refill tins and product dispensers are thoughtfully designed to live in harmony within your home. Display them with delight when dear ones drop by. They’re modern, minimalist, and cohesive, emitting an elevated, tranquil energy.

A feast for the senses, there is something oddly satisfying about the experience of activating your Skipper sustainable cleaning products. Simply drop a Skipper tablet in water and watch it dissolve, releasing an enchanting aroma - you’re basically an alchemist.

Habit-Friendly, Not ‘Trendy’


Picture this: if you were to gather all the plastic bottles from just your dishwashing liquid over the year and stack them up, at first it might seem like a tidy little tower. Now, imagine adding your neighbours' stacks too, and then that of your whole street. Suddenly the scale of this plastic parade, marching its way towards landfill, is getting overwhelming.

Our point is that sometimes our individual efforts feel like nothing more than a tiny drop in the ocean, but those ripples can create waves. Embracing just-add-water sustainable cleaning products is an easy and accessible way for us all to become change-makers. More than that, it’s a collective choice that makes others sit up and pay attention. Together, we can influence other brands to hit the accelerator on their own sustainability journeys too.

The just-add-water lifestyle might be trending, but it’s not a trend. As in, it’s here to stay; and that’s important because we need sustainable cleaning solutions that will sustain the ever-changing tides of trends. We need sustainable options that morph almost effortlessly into our everyday lives.


Ready To Make A Sea Change?


At Skipper, just-add-water innovation is in our DNA. It’s a way of life we’ve championed since day one, for people, the planet, and for a brighter future. 

We’re all about empowering people just like you to turn everyday habits into a force of good.

So, ready to make a sea change? Explore our wide range of just-add-water products here.
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