Sustainable Gift Ideas for the 2022 Holiday Season

by Tirtyl Team

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop giving people gifts they don't need or won't use. This year, we encourage you to focus on gift ideas that are better for your loved ones, and as a bonus, better for the planet too.

An estimated 88% of Australians have found ways to reduce their environmental impact. So chances are, the people on your gift list this holiday season are looking for more ways to live a sustainable lifestyle. 

So, what sustainable gift ideas can you consider as you do your holiday shopping? You're in luck, as we've got a great guide to eco friendly gifts your friends and family will love.

Read on as we talk about the best sustainable gift ideas that will make holiday shopping easier and more eco-friendly.


Sustainable Gift Ideas

For Those Who Love to Shop: Reusable Shopping Bags

If you haven't heard, single-use plastic does a number on our environment. It takes vital resources to create and, after a single use, will end up in our oceans or clogging up our landfills, where it can take up to 450 years to finally decompose. Thankfully, many Australian states are in the process of banning single-use plastic. However, it may take several years to implement these new laws. 

When we think about single-use plastic, we often think of plastic water bottles and straws. However, one of the biggest culprits is an item we use on a near-daily basis: the single-use plastic bag. If you know someone who loves to shop and wants to get a jump-start on moving away from plastic bags, give them the gift of beautiful, sturdy reusable shopping bags.

Fortunately many of the major retail supermarket chains are proactive on the plastic bag problem and have removed these in stores. Still there are many retail outlets, especially in the restaurants & hospitality sectors that rely on plastic bags.


For Those Who Are Always on the Go: Reusable Water Bottles

We've already mentioned that plastic water bottles are a huge problem. Still, people tend to rely on plastic water bottles to stay hydrated on the go or access clean drinking water. It's a tough habit to break, but a great reusable water bottle can keep hundreds of plastic water bottles out of our landfills and oceans yearly.

To help your loved one get the most out of their reusable water bottle, consider a sturdy, well-rated water bottle that comes with accessories like a straw cleaner that will prevent mould growth. If you know that your loved one relies on plastic water bottles because they're concerned about tap water, consider throwing in a filtered pitcher, too!


For Your Techie Friend: Solar-Powered Gadgets

We all know at least one person who is over the moon about the latest technology. They've always got the latest phones, laptops, and all sorts of gadgets and gizmos that are fun and useful. But unfortunately, much of our technology runs on lithium batteries or electricity. 

Now, you can find all sorts of solar-powered gadgets that harness the unending power of the sun to stay charged. You can find everything from solar-powered watches to solar-powered security cameras. You can even purchase solar-powered charging stations, which allow you to charge your phone and other devices without a typical outlet.


For the Plant Lover: A Compost Bin

Do you know someone with a serious green thumb? Whether they love houseplants or have a thriving backyard garden, there's one thing they've always got on their mind: the health of their soil. Sure, you can buy new soil each year or add fertilisers to your plant beds, but there's another solution that is more sustainable and rewarding: composting.

Composting allows us to cut down on food waste and turn our food scraps into life-giving nutrients for plants. Even if your loved one lives in a small flat with no balcony or yard access, composting shouldn't be a problem. Indoor compost bins are available that take up little space and don't produce an unpleasant odour. The plant lover in your life will get joy from a compost bin for years!


For the Little Ones: Biodegradable Toys

There's no better time to start teaching environmental consciousness than in childhood. When kids develop a strong connection to the earth, it will stick with them for a lifetime. You can begin to encourage this love for the planet one toy at a time.

There are all sorts of eco-friendly toys to choose from. These toys use recycled or biodegradable materials rather than plastic and other harsh materials. Biodegradable toys, in particular, are a great choice because they'll break down once the little one in your life outgrows them rather than creating clutter.


For the Environmentally Conscious: Refillable Home Cleaning and Hygiene Products

Do you have someone in your life who is always looking for new ways to go green? If so, take a practical approach and offer them a gift they'll always need. Refillable home cleaning and hygiene products are practical, useful, and stylish.

Eco-friendly cleaning products include foaming eco-friendly hand soap, cleaning sprays, laundry detergent, and more. These products come with attractive, refillable bottles and water-soluble tablets. Even the packaging is sustainable, so be sure to pair it with recycled wrapping paper! 


Go Green With These Sustainable Gift Ideas

This year, we're saying goodbye to junk gifts and hello to sustainable ones. We hope these sustainable gift ideas have inspired your gift list this year. At Tirtyl, we're always looking for new ways to reduce environmental impact and make a huge difference for our planet.

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