No to Single-Use Plastic Bottles, Yes to Refillable “Just-Add-Water” Cleaning Kits!

by Tirtyl Team

Avoiding single-use plastic seems practically impossible these days, whether you’re shopping at the grocery store looking for cleaning tools or strolling down the cosmetics department looking for beauty products. 

That doesn’t mean there’s no way to reduce your plastic use at home. Here at Tirtyl, one of our goals is to help you have the wonderful opportunity of saving the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. 

Our solution: Refillable “Just-Add-Water” cleaning products.

These are a fantastic green alternative to standard detergents since they are both inexpensive and environmentally friendly. 

You only buy what you need and reuse the plastic container numerous times, decreasing waste and the environmental effect. 

But what are the advantages of refillable “Just-Add-Water” or “dissolvable” cleaning products? Why should you invest in them in the first place?

4 Reasons to Invest in “Just-Add-Water” Cleaning Products

Whether you have heard of “Just-Add-Water” all-purpose cleaners or not, one thing is certain: It’s the future of surface cleaners. These products are a potent cleaning solution, but unlike conventional surface cleaners, they are friendlier to the environment and human health. Here are four reasons you should start investing in “Just-Add-Water” cleaning kits.

They Help You Reduce Plastic Use

Did you know that a single beauty item contains several plastic components? These range from the container itself to the pump top. Refill cleaning products allow you to continue using the container you purchased initially, minimizing needless plastic waste. By using dissolvables instead of buying the same product over and over again, you will be able to save water by up to 45%. You will also help reduce CO2 emissions by 70% more than if you purchase single-use cleaning products.

They Save You Money

Many people avoid buying cleaning products in bulk or investing in “Just-Add-Water” cleaning kits because they seem to cost more. After all, it seems better to buy a gallon of all-purpose cleaner worth $5 than a cleaning kit worth $15. But, in reality, when you break things down into price per ounce, it’s clear that dissolvables are cheaper. 

Moreover, when using “Just-Add-Water” cleaners, you only spend money on the actual product itself and don’t need to pay for the water. That’s right. When you’re buying cleaning products, you’re also paying for the water. On the other hand, by using cleaning product refills, you only get to pay for the active ingredient.

They Encourage You to Recycle

A considerable disadvantage of using cleaners in single-use bottles is in the name of the product itself. It’s “single use,” which means the container ends up in the trash immediately after it has been emptied. Not so with refillables. These products encourage you to use old containers you have at home. And once you’ve used up all the product, you’re not forced to throw the container away for a new one. 

Now, here’s how Tirtyl takes things to another level. While our wrappers are not recyclable, they are 100% home compostable (Only 9% of plastic is recycled in Australia anyway). That means you can throw them in your compost bin and use them as fertilizer! Awesome, right?

They’re Climate-Friendly

Plastic produces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. This is how harmful single-use plastic is to our planet and is the main reason you should switch to eco-friendly refillable cleaning products. 

The manufacturing and transport of refillable cleaning products consume less energy in the first place. For instance, we at Tirtyl have reduced the weight and volume of our universal cleaner by 98%, making our products more sustainable and friendlier to the climate.

Tirtyl Universal Cleaners

Tirtyl universal cleaners are an example of “Just-Add-Water” cleaning kits. They have all the qualities you should look for when shopping for a universal cleaner. 

  • They help you reduce plastic use
  • They’re economical
  • They encourage you to recycle
  • They’re climate-friendly. 

But what makes the Tirtyl universal cleaner unique? For one, it’s the first of its kind. You can choose from either a 3-pack, 6-pack, or 9-pack kit, with each dissolvable featuring an “all-in-one” formula powerful enough to penetrate through the most stubborn grease and grime. This allows you to clean the dirtiest corners of your home, minus the stress.

One very essential quality of the Tirtyl universal cleaner is that it’s been carefully formulated with your safety and the safety of your loved ones in mind. 

To reduce the environmental effect, while selecting a refillable house cleaning solution, make sure it is truly sustainable, which means devoid of chemical and petroleum derivatives, as well as cruelty-free.

As refillable eco cleaning products go, the Tirtyl universal cleaner contains no parabens, alcohol, ammonia, phosphates, phthalates, chlorine bleach, triclosan, and VOCs. It’s also vegan-friendly and animal-friendly. Moreover, it’s designed using a biodegradable formula, which makes it the perfect universal cleaner that’s pro earth.

Finally, the Tirtyl universal cleaner is easy to use. Just drop one Tirtyl universal cleaner dissolvable inside your signature glass spray bottle, give the bottle a shake, and you’re ready to clean!

Save the Planet. Get Refillable “Just-Add-Water” Cleaning Kits at Tirtyl Today!

There’s no question that refillable “Just-Add-Water” cleaning kits beat conventional cleaning products. Not only do they save you money, but they also give you the opportunity to do your part in helping preserve the planet. 

Gone were the days when the only option you had for cleaning products were those that contained harmful chemicals that could harm both your health and of the environment. Today, you have "Just-Add-Water” cleaning products from Tirtyl that let you take your cleaning game to the next level without compromising your health and the future of the planet.

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