7 Ways Tirtyl Makes Life Easier For Busy Mums

by Tirtyl Team

Look, there’s no way around it – once you have a baby, kids, little people you need to keep alive (whatever you want to call them) the cleaning intensifies a billion-fold. As does the waste. 

Between pooey nappies and porridge on the floor, you’re washing your hands, clothes and floor more than ever. PLUS – something no one warns you about – you have to clean the highchair 494278 times per day.

It’s a fact of life – and a headache for mums – but using Tirtyl can save you time, money, and space while also helping you to become a more eco-friendly household. Win, win, win.  

Saves You Time

 I’m a big fan of ordering online – have been since ‘08 when I discovered eBay and the bank launched debit cards. Things are even better now: you can get CLEANING supplies online. 

Order your Tirtyl set-up bundle kit or restock on refills from the couch, in your undies, on your phone, any time of the day. 

Bulk ordering is best – for the environment AND for your to do list as you’ll have extras in (cute) little tins under the sink. Once you wash your way through the tin, there’s a helpful QR code at the bottom to scan and order more on the spot. Simples. 

It’s one less thing to try to remember. Plus anything that saves you a trip to the shops is a winner in my books. 

Saves You Space

Speaking of restocking: the beauty of the just-add-water model is that you can stock up and keep extras on hand without needing an entire cupboard. Just a few tins under the sink will hold ample hand wash, house cleaner and dishwashing tablets.

Same goes for the laundry – Tirtyl’s laundry detergent sheets are a heck of a space saver. No bulky bottles or boxes – and no landfill. (Or resources wasted on recycling.)

The Multi-Purpose Towel Is Like A Mum – It Does It ALL  

It’s a cloth. It’s a paper towel. It’s reusable AND compostable. It’s better than superman. 

I’m obsessed with the Tirtyl towels – they’re fantastic. I use them to wipe surfaces, clean dishes, mop up spills, wipe down that damn highchair (triggered). When it’s turned more tow-eww, I throw it in the washing machine and use it again. 

THEN – once the highchair has gotten the better of it – I throw them in our home compost. 

It’s a beautiful reduce, reuse, compost cycle. 

Saves You Money 

After you’re set up with your kit of reusable bottles and tins, Tirtyl is a super cost-effective brand to use. Their refill & save program gives you FREE shipping on all refill-only orders AND up to 40% off your refills. This means a whole bottle of hand wash from $1.50 per bottle (bargain), universal cleaner from $2.40 and body wash from $3.26.

That’s cheaper than what you’d pay at the supermarket AND there’s no waste. All your hard-earned, desperately-trying-to-avoid-interest-rate dollars are going to good use.  

But wait – there’s more! You also get free shipping for orders over $45. So stock up and save! (Okay, I’m sounding a tinsy bit like a second-hand car dealer ad now.) 

It’s Kid-Safe 

Tirtyl doesn't use any nasties or toxic ingredients – i.e. parabens, phosphates, ammonia, VOCs, chlorine bleach, triclosan or phthalates. 

They’re vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and kid-friendly. You can opt for unscented if you're concerned about fragrances, and they have kid-friendly pumps for the hand soap. 

My 10-month old uses the hand soap (thinks it’s a real laugh) and her highchair is covered in the Universal House Cleaner multiple times a day and she’s never had any kind of reaction. 

Gives You Peace of Mind

Unfortunately kids produce more waste. All you can do is try your best and do your part where you can – such as using brands like Tirtyl. 

Tirtyl is, well, saving the turtles. Plus:

  • Shipping is 100% carbon-neutral in partnership with Greenfleet Australia
  • You’re cleaning up the planet through Tirtyl’s partnership with Plastic Bank (the world's leading plastic clean-up organisation)
  • Creating less plastic, less landfill, less worries

So you can sleep a tiny bit easier between 8.30pm and the first time your kid awakes in the night, knowing you’ve contributed to a greener future.

PLUS The Bottles Look Chic 

Forget Aesop – have you seen how chic the Tirtyl hand wash bottles are? 

No need to refill trendy looking hand soap bottles with cheap supermarket hand wash. You no longer need to fork out extra each month on a nice-looking hand soap bottle (Tirtyl has colour options to choose from – I’m a fan of the amber). Even your spray and wipe is about to look cute.

Anything that makes your house look nice with minimal effort (fill up with water, chuck in a tab) is a huge W for mums everywhere.

From this mum to another: you’re doing great. Also: I really am weirdly obsessed with the Tirtyl towels. 

Happy cleaning! 

Isabel Sandercock-Brown is a mum, a writer and a regular (but reluctant) cleaner – you can find her on Instagram @wordsbyisabel or at
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