Antibacterial Soap? Don't be fooled

by Tirtyl Team

Are antibacterial soaps better?

We all want to keep our families safe and use the most effective products, especially with COVID-19 still ravaging through the world.

With this in mind, cunning marketeers started slapping big “ANTIBACTERIAL” stickers on hand soaps to garner extra sales. But is antibacterial soap more effective than normal soap?

Short Answer - NO

Long Answer - NO, and many antibacterial products are now banned from sale

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there’s insufficient evidence to show that supermarket antibacterial soaps are better at preventing sickness than washing with normal soap and water.

Indeed, many antibacterial soaps are now banned from sale. In 2013, the FDA demanded proof that common antibacterial ingredients - including triclosan and triclocarban - are safe to use over a long period of time. The industry was unable to prove it.

Furthermore, the industry has been unable to prove that these antibacterial soaps are more effective in killing pathogens compared to normal soap.

In contrast, our Tirtyl Hand Soaps include surfactants which safely lift and wash away viruses and bacteria instead.

So what should you do?

Consumers should wash with normal soap and water for the recommended twenty seconds.

Tirtyl foaming hand soaps are a great value, safe, highly moisturizing and low waste option to keep your hands clean. Plus, for every refill tablet sold, Tirtyl picks up a plastic bottle from the ocean!

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