Hand Soap Tablets — The Future of Hygiene

by Tirtyl Team

Back in 2020, hygiene products were hard to secure. Panicked shoppers were buying all of the products on the shelves, and soap companies faced shortages that made restocking difficult. What many consumers didn't know was that these shortages had to do with the disposable soap dispensers, not the soap itself. 

Potential shortages aren't the only problem with disposable soap dispensers. Single-use plastic poses a significant risk to the health of our planet.

That's why we've devised a sustainable hygiene solution: hand soap tablets. Dissolvable hand soap tablets eliminate the need for single-use plastic without sacrificing the quality of the soap.

Ready to learn more? Read on to find out why foaming hand soap tablets are the future of hygiene. 

What Are Hand Soap Tablets?

First, what are hand soap tablets? Hand soap tablets are like compressed & dissolvable cakes of soap with typical ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. A hand soap tablet has all of the essential elements you'd find in a bottle of hand soap minus one: water.

Why no water? You have water at home that you can add to a reusable bottle. We don't make a single-use plastic bottle that is over 95% water when we could make you the ingredients needed to turn water into soap. 

Reasons to Invest in Hand Soap Tablets

What makes Tirtyl hand soap tablets in Australia the right choice for consumers and hygiene enthusiasts? There are several reasons, and we love nothing more than to talk about them! Keep reading to find out about the easy storage, minimal environmental impact, and budget-friendliness of our hand soap tablets.

They're Easy to Store

There are two main places where we tend to have hand soap on hand: the kitchen and the bathroom. We all know that both of those rooms are often packed to the brim with stuff, whether it's pots, pans, utensils or hair products, makeup, and clean towels. When it comes to stocking up on hand soap, a key consideration is storage.

Hand soap tablets are much easier to store than bottled hand soap. You can fit 12 hand soap tablets in one tiny tin (provided by us, of course!) and order refills on demand. Talk about a space saver!

They're Environmentally Friendly

One of the biggest reasons we started Tirtyl was to cut the unnecessary plastic waste with our eco-friendly hand soap tablets. We're happy to say that we've succeeded. Our tablets:

  • have reduced weight and volume by over 98% compared to regular bottles of single-use hand soap
  • have eliminated single-use plastic entirely
  • come with Australian-made, 100% home compostable wrapping with a certification from leading, internationally recognised TUV Austria OK by meeting the Compost Home S0370 standard
  • are made with a cruelty-free and vegan-friendly formula
  • use less carbon to ship because we're not shipping water

Plus, hand soap tablets create zero waste in Australia, thanks to the elimination of single-use plastic. The average Australian uses a whopping 130kg of plastic each year, and a lot of it goes straight into landfills after one use. By ordering eco-friendly hand soap tablets, you won't be throwing out plastic soap dispensers every time you need a new bottle of hand soap.


They're Cost Effective

We would be remiss to skip over the savings you'll enjoy if you switch to hand soap tablets and say goodbye to bottled hand soap. When you buy hand soap tablets, you:

  • pay $1 per 100ml standard price
  • stop paying for water, which you already have at home
  • stop paying for bulky plastic packaging and over-the-top branding

Plus, your hand soap tablets can be up to 40% cheaper with our refill & save program.

How have we managed to keep our products so cheap? Cheaper manufacturing and transportation costs allow us to pass the savings on to our customers, something that puts a smile on our faces and yours!

How to Use Tirtyl Hand Soap

Using Tirtyl hand soap could not be easier. All you will need is one of our reusable foaming soap dispensers, your favourite Tirtyl hand soap tablet, and some warm water. Then, follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill your Tirtyl reusable foaming soap dispenser with warm water, stopping at the fill line. Tap water is perfectly fine, of course.
  2. Drop a single Tirtyl foaming hand soap tablet into the dispenser.. The tablet will dissolve on its own in the next 30 minutes.
  3. Once the soap is dissolved (you'll know when no solids are left from the tablet), you can screw on the foam dispensing cap with a built-in hand pump.
  4. Now, your Tirtyl soap is ready to use! Use it the way you would use any other type of foaming hand soap. Wet your hands, pump the soap dispenser once into your palm, lather for at least 20 seconds, and rinse.

Why did we choose to perfect a foaming hand soap rather than a gel hand soap? We believe that foaming hand soap is the superior choice for hygiene, and it's gentle on the skin. Foaming soaps also use less ingredients per wash than gels which resonates with our philosophy on waste. Plus, a little foaming hand soap goes a long way!

Embrace the Future of Hygiene With Tirtyl Hand Soap Tablets

Naturally, we're excited about our products. We made them! However, now that you know more about Tirtyl hand soap tablets, you can see that there's a lot to be excited about.

Are you ready to embrace the future of hygiene? Do you want to kiss all of that plastic packaging goodbye? Are you ready to stop paying a higher price for a product that's mostly water?

Take a look at our full line of Tirtyl hand soap tablets. We can't wait for you to experience the benefits of using these!

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