Maximise Your Cleaning Game with Tirtyl Universal Cleaner

by Tirtyl Team

The global household cleaning product industry is worth over AUD 160 billion. There are now thousands of brands marketing individual kitchen cleaners, wood floor cleaners, tile cleaners, and more—what if there was one cleaner that could tackle it all?

Having a single universal cleaner would cut costs, the space you dedicate to cleaning supplies, and even the time it takes to clean your home from top to bottom. Is there an all-purpose cleaner out there that can do it all?

Introducing Tirtyl Universal Cleaner! This one home cleaner spray can do it all, and is better for the environment than many popular alternatives.

Ready to learn more? Read on to find out how to maximise your cleaning game with the Tirtyl Universal Cleaner!


Discover the Magic of Tirtyl Universal Cleaner

If you're used to using different cleaners for every surface, you may feel sceptical that our Universal Cleaner can replace all of them. We've talked before about what to look for in an all-purpose cleaner and how to differentiate between a universal cleaner and a multipurpose cleaner. Now, we will talk about the best ways to put your Tirtyl Universal Cleaner to use on different surfaces around your home!


Shine On, Glass!

Are you ready to wash your mirrors, windows, and other glass surfaces? The Tirtyl Universal Cleaner can replace those glass cleaners that often come from harmful aerosol cans.

Before grabbing your Tirtyl Universal Cleaner, you'll want to get a clean, lint-free rag. Sure, you can use paper towels or terry cloth rags, but a microfiber cloth is less likely to leave behind pills and debris. Give your glass surface a quick wipe-down to remove any dust and loose grime.

Then, spray the glass surface a few times, once in the centre and once along each edge. Finally, use another clean microfiber cloth to wipe away the solution entirely to prevent streaks from forming once dry. We like to use circular motions, but feel free to get creative with your wiping technique!


Stainless Steel, So Sleek

Stainless steel is a very popular material for home appliances. Chances are, you have at least one stainless steel appliance, whether the fridge, the dishwasher, or the oven. When stainless steel is clean, it looks sleek and unbeatably modern—but when it gets dirty, it catches the eye in a bad way.

Tirtyl Universal Cleaner makes an excellent eco-friendly kitchen cleaner and can tackle your stainless steel. Remember, you shouldn't use an abrasive sponge when cleaning stainless steel, as the scratchy surface can leave behind permanent marks.

Spray each appliance a few times with your Tirtyl Universal Cleaner and wipe it down with a soft cloth. While stuck-on solids may require a bit of elbow grease, stains and grease will wipe away with ease! Once again, you will want to wipe away all of the cleaning solution to avoid streaks when dry.


Tile-tally Amazing

Tile provides that texture and pop of colour homeowners love to see. You may have tile floors in the kitchen or bathroom, as well as tiled bathroom walls and a tiled backsplash behind the kitchen sink. No matter where you have tile, it's time to clean it up with Tirtyl Universal Cleaner, an eco-friendly kitchen cleaner that is tough enough for the bathroom!

Depending on the type of tile you have, it may be porous and sensitive to acidic cleaners. That's why Tirtyl Universal Cleaner uses an alkaline-based formula that won't eat away at your tile or the grout that holds it together.

Before you get started on tile floors, sweep or vacuum to remove solid debris. If you're cleaning a tile wall, spray a generous amount of Tirtyl Universal Cleaner and wipe down the surfaces with a soft, clean cloth. You won't have to worry about airing out these spaces before use, as our products are 100% non-toxic!


Wood You Look at That!

Wood is by far the most popular flooring material in Australia. It's beautiful, natural, and pairs well with any design style—and it's also daunting to keep clean.

Once again, you'll want to break out your broom or vacuum before you wipe down your floors with the Tirtyl Universal Cleaner, which works great as an eco-friendly floor cleaner. Scrubbing a wood floor with solid debris can leave the wood scratched. We also recommend spraying Tirtyl Universal Cleaner on one small area and allowing it to sit for five minutes to ensure it doesn't interfere with the finish on your wood floor.

Once Tirtyl has passed the spot test, spread a generous amount on your floors. Then, you can use a clean cloth or a clean, dry mop to spread the cleaner evenly before wiping it away with another clean cloth.


Laminate Love Affair

Laminate is another popular flooring material that can leave homeowners perplexed when it comes to cleaning. The good news is that Tirtyl Universal Cleaner can make your laminate flooring sparkle!

The best way to clean your laminate floor is to start with a dry mop to remove loose debris, dust, and other grime. Then, use Tirtyl Universal Cleaner to spot-clean anything that didn't get wiped away with the dry mop.

Laminate is often easy to spot clean because, unlike wood floors, the mess is easy to notice. Just spray the stained or dirty area, wipe it with a soft cloth, and you're good to go!


It's Time to Give Tirtyl Universal Cleaner a Try!

If you're tired of buying a different cleaner for every surface in your home, it's time to switch to a universal cleaner. Give Tirtyl Universal Cleaner a try! 

Wondering what else Tirtyl has in store for you? Take a look at our full line of products!

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