Sustainable Solutions: Why Tirtyl Refillable Cleaning and Hygiene Products are the Future

by Tirtyl Team

In an era where environmental consciousness is no longer a choice but a necessity, we ask not whether we can afford to be eco-friendly, but rather, how can we not? At Tirtyl, we’re pioneering sustainable cleaning and hygiene solutions through our just-add-water home and body products. Our eco-friendly cleaning and hygiene products are revolutionising how we approach daily cleaning needs.

The Environmental Crisis and the Need for Change

As we witness mounting pressure on our environment, change isn’t just desirable; it’s essential. One area often overlooked is the waste created by traditional cleaning and hygiene products. Their single-use plastic containers contribute significantly to our plastic waste crisis. By shifting to eco-friendly refillable cleaning products, we can significantly reduce plastic pollution. The concept is simple: just add water to our concentrated refill, and voilà - a practical solution to combat the environmental crisis.

Did you know that most traditional cleaning products are 98% water? This means that when you purchase a spray cleaner or soap in the supermarket, you’re paying for water, plastic and shipping. Not to mention the excessive carbon emissions associated with shipping bulky items too! Thankfully just-add-water alternatives to these products do exist and are shaping the future of sustainable consumption. 

Reducing Plastic Waste: The Power of Refillable Products

The ubiquitous single-use plastic packaging in cleaning and hygiene products not only pollutes our environment but also exhausts our precious natural resources. Our refillable eco-cleaning products offer a compelling alternative. By using glass and aluminium reusable containers, our products minimise plastic waste. Their concentrated refills eliminate the need for disposable plastic packaging, a true testament to the power of refillable products.

By choosing concentrated just-add-water products instead of your standard supermarket products, you’re not paying for water and plastic, and you’re reducing carbon emissions associated with the shipping of these bulky products too. Better for your wallet and the environment? It’s a no-brainer. 

The power of these products goes beyond what you receive when you order too. Not only are you preventing plastic waste with each order, but we also collect plastic waste on your behalf. For every tab or laundry sheet purchased, we collect a bottle of ocean-bound plastic waste! We’ve collected over 5 million bottles of waste in our first two years thanks to our customer’s help. 

Cost Savings and Economic Benefits

Our refillable cleaning products are not just an eco-friendly choice; they’re also a smart financial decision. Investing in refillable containers might seem costlier upfront, but it results in substantial long-term savings as opposed to regularly purchasing single-use products. 

Further, the convenience of online orders for cost-effective cleaning and body product refills, delivered directly to your door carbon-neutral, with free shipping, adds to the economic benefits of our products. Plus, we have our refill and save program, which allows you to get huge savings of up to 40% off when you order your refills in bulk! 

Convenience and Accessibility

A common concern regarding refillable products is their convenience. Yet, at Tirtyl, we ensure ease in ordering refills online, delivered directly to your door with carbon-neutral, free shipping.

Our refill and save program encourages our customers to purchase in bulk, which makes life easier for them (always having a refill on hand) and reduces packaging and carbon emissions associated with shipping. 

Tirtyl products also come with super cute storage tins, which make storing your refills a breeze. You’ll never run out again!

High Quality

Quality and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. Despite common misconceptions, refillable products often have high-quality formulations. Our foaming hand soap and body wash not only cleanse effectively but also provide intense moisturisation, leaving your skin feeling soft and nourished after every use. 

Similarly, our Universal Cleaner stands apart for its potent cleaning power. Crafted with a concentrated formula, it ensures a deep clean, tackling grime and dirt with ease. This super-effective cleaner leaves your surfaces spotless and shining, proving that our refillable products deliver excellent performance without compromising on our environmental commitment.

Supporting Sustainable Brands and Ethical Practices

By choosing Tirtyl’s sustainable cleaning products, you’re supporting a brand that prioritises sustainability and ethical practices. We invest in eco-friendly initiatives and actively work to reduce our carbon footprint. We value transparency and accountability, fostering trust and loyalty among our environmentally conscious consumers.

When making purchasing decisions, it is important to look into the company’s ethical and sustainability practices. As the consumer, you have the power to make change through your purchases from companies that are leading the way to a better future.  

Empowering Individual Action and Collective Impact

Each decision to use our just-add-water refillable cleaning products contributes to a larger collective impact. Incorporating our refillable products into your daily routines is a small but powerful step towards environmental stewardship. We encourage everyone to share their experiences and spread awareness about our refillable options to amplify this impact. Remember, our collective actions can create waves of change!

Choosing Tirtyl’s refillable cleaning and hygiene products signifies a commitment to a healthier planet and sends a clear message: sustainability matters. 

You can expect to see more eco-friendly cleaning products pop up in the future in many different industries of the just-add-water variety, as it truly is the future of sustainable consumption. 

You can check out Tirtyl’s full range of just-add-water products here.

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